Certified Instructors

Kim Patty

Kim Patty is a recognized fitness expert, personal trainer and course instructor, as well as the innovative developer of Fitness Hoop Dance. Integrating her extensive training and experience in music, dance, hoop dance and fitness, she pushed beyond the basic use of hoops in dance routines to create a unique, comprehensive fitness program that tones the entire body. Kim's true passion for fitness is only matched by her unwavering devotion to helping others experience the benefits of improved health.

Jillian Brutlag

After moving to round rock from the suburbs of chicago half a decade ago, Jillian spent years focusing on music, playing up-right bass, and neglecting the physical side of creativity. She realized she needed more challenge in her life so one day while she was on the internet she came cross an aerial hooping video and everything exploded from there. She found a studio that taught aerial hooping and from there she was introduced to circus arts such as pole dancing, hula hooping, trapeze and silks along with aerial hoop. After sticking with aerial hoop and pole dancing for a bit, she decided she again needed something new and came across a hula hoop class which was inspiring, whimsical, fun, creative, and is all over good for the body and she would love to share her inspiration with you.

Robyn Palmer

My path to teaching fitness and finding happiness through movement has been long and eagerly awaited (by me at least *s*), and has only just begun.  I spent several years in a career that, while beneficial in many ways, was intensely dissatisfying to me.  While caught in this situation, I found my first real passion for movement in the Chinese martial arts.  For many months I spent more hours of the week practicing tai chi, kung fu, and ba gua than I did at my job.    As life progressed, my activities also shifted as I explored yoga, running, and dance. It is now difficult to remember a time when movement was not my purest source of joy.  


In the summer of 2013, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to leave my first career and move to Austin in search of a much happier way to live.  While looking for jobs, it occurred to me that my biggest concern was that the new job not conflict too much with my beloved dance classes and movement arts.  So why was I not spending most of my time practicing my favorite things and then sharing them by teaching classes?  About the same time, Kim Patty offered her first teacher training certification in Fitness Hoop Dance, and the path became clear.


I fell in love with hooping the first time a hoop was in my hands, and bought a hoop to bring home after that first class.  I'm so excited by it's potential, a fun, rhythmic motion that blends so well with almost any dance style or movement art.  I can't wait to see how many ways I can find to dance and play with toys at the same time, and how many people I can meet along the way.  See you in class!

Sami List

Sami List has dance in her blood, as a third generation dancer she started taking ballet at age 4. Since then she has leapt at the chance to try as many movement forms as possible. After a long break post high school she found herself needing to dance and move again. She had experience in classical jazz, modern, musical theatre, contemporary and even hip hop but never expected to find love in the hula hoop. In 2011 a friend recommended she try classes at a local pole studio, and although pole was still too scary she saw hoop dance on the schedule and popped in to give it a try. She found her love of dance again! The perfect blend of dance and muscle toning drove her in a direction she never thought she'd find. Fitness Hoop Dance has helped her discover new strengths of body, mind and spirit in the high energy, low impact cardio class that has turned out to be her gateway into so much more. She now finds joy cross training lyra(aerial hoop), pole, trapeze, yoga, acro yoga and flexibility. She has even started teaching pole and acro yoga as well.